Blam! Scatterbrained assortment of Topics!

I am unused to consistent hard work, or maybe more correctly, an increase in workload. This week has been a pile of different new tasks and persistent challenges that have thrown me off my schedule, and I’m fed up with change.  Bah.

I noticed that I was getting pretty surly and angry this afternoon as I thought about the laundry list of things still left to do (including laundry). I wanted to dig my heels in and yell NO!, but instead I muscled through it and made it out of the house. I now know exactly how Max feels when we ask a lot from him. Does this mean I have the tolerance of a two-year-old? Some days I do.

Let me put on my pseudo-science hat again. Every human being has a spot in the middle of their back that they can never scratch to their satisfaction. Even if you jury rig an elaborate back-scratching device and go to town, it will not feel as good as having a person do the job. Perhaps this is nature’s way of reminding you of the value of partnership. You may lose sight of the advantages of being in a relationship when you’re in the middle of a stupid fight over dirty dishes or what to watch on television, so the itch you can’t fix is a biological trick that  makes you think ‘oh well, at least you’re good for something’. As a side note, does reading about an itch you can’t scratch make your back itchy? If it does, I will try not to abuse the power.



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